Saturday, March 12, 2016

Death on Iditarod Race From Drunk Driver

We all know that on should never drink and then drive
Great chance the driver or passenger may not come home alive
Worse an innocent in the wrong place and the wrong time
May be injured or killed by this all too frequent crime
We also know that operating a plane, boat, or bike is also playing Russian roulette
More times the deed done death and injury becomes more and more the sure bet
Time to add another easily understood no-no
If one drinks, do not ride a snowmachine on the ice and snow
The news today in the Great State on the Iditarod trail brings that point home
Jeff King and Aily Zirkle outside of Nulato on the Iditarod Race to Nome
Were hit by a drunk in a blackout state
No deaths or injuries to the mushers
But instead an emotional crusher
One sled dog off to canine heaven coupled with the injuring of three
The drunk will be facing jail time as a tab for his drunken spree
Drink and drive no matter what the type of machine
Ultimately you will be without license and part of a prison scene
With wallet suffering a major delete
Especially if your drinking and driving you continue to repeat
© March 11, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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Jeff King's dog Nash killed by a drunk snowmachine driver

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