Thursday, March 31, 2016

Emory President Reject Students' PC Demands On Trump--Hoorah!!!

The PC tidal wave is sweeping the college campuses of this nation to academic detriment
Do not agree with the left and the PC police will quickly stifle any to their ideas dissent
An all out war is being waged on freedom of expression
Right down to the need to ban “micro aggression.”
We are created a generation not of men and women who can in the future this nation lead
But rather a nation of thin skinned citizens that the slightest of disagreement will cause their bodies to bleed
You may disagree as this poet does with ideas of Donald Trump
An hope that the Reds get their act together and his candidacy dump
But a Trump 2016 in chalk is not a racist or misogynist slogan or a call to arms
To somehow track down the minorities an bring them physical, mental or emotional harm
The students at Emory who like sheep flocked the Office of the President
demanding counseling and that the perpetrators to sensitivity training be sent
Are prime examples of the PC closed minds
Unable to enter a discussion on the merit of ideas only to squelch and the speaker malign
The president of Emory instead of caving into these thin skinned, overly sensitive fools
Wrote on the sidewalks “Emory believes in free expression,” highlighting one of learning’s most effective tools
Although we humans are not lobsters or crabs who must molt in order to be able to grow
If we are to expand our knowledge and solve problems we must open and use the mind God on us chose to bestow
© March 31, 2016 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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