Saturday, March 12, 2016

Late March 12 Mushng Report on the Iditarod

The top five mushers Brent Sass, Aily Zirkle, Dallas Seavey, Wade Marrs and Mitch Seavey in  that order have all left Kaltag, 629 from the start of the race. The Berington twins Kristy and Anna are 44th and 45th and have left Galena, 545 miles from the start of the race. DeeJonrowe is in 47th and still in Galena and Ellen Halverson is back to last still in Ophir 352 miles from the start of the race.
Fortunately the person who hit Jeff King’s and Aily Zirkle’s sled has been arrested and is now facing some serious charges. Nice shot of Nick Petit coming into Kaltag. Check out the fine footwear on the dogs.                                              

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