Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Take Me Out To The Ball Game After Brussels Attack

The smoke has not yet cleared and one terrorist is still on the loose
Now one of Europe’s most wanted men trying to avoid capture and a deserved noose
Obama in Havana in his speech to the Cuban people mentioned the Brussels deadly attacks
A few platitudes from an administration that is clueless on how to against Radical Islam fight back
This is an existential struggle for Western Civilization being led by a commander that is not up to the task
A feckless spineless leader whose abhorrence of force he has hidden behind his well rehearsed rhetorical mask
This is a struggle like no other we have faced where children are daily taught
No higher calling than to have martyrdom sought
Two of the three terrorists achieved that goal
The myth of the Paradise virgins must reject their damned souls
Instead of a sense of urgency Obama in Cuba remains
More important to reassure the nation is the need to watch a baseball game
Already the speculation runs rampant before the morgues have the bodies received
On whether this attack will help or hurt Trump in his quest for the presidency to achieve
Trump may be the master of the deal but jihadists want not to come to the deal making table
To believe that he can come to an agreement with them is a total complete fable
If Trump wins the nomination he needs to have a stellar foreign policy adviser group
Who will be more than window dressing and be able to help him navigate the twists and turns and allow him to momentum against ISIS recoup
Just days before the Brussels attacks Trump was touting the idea of an American investment in NATO being pulled back
More so than ever now is not the time to a Fortress America retract
Obama is incapable or unwilling to implement the needed multidimensional strategy as it would with his fund raising and legacy building interfere
From military action to social media and assimilation to mosques and prayers to the schools to the teachings of the mullahs we have to find a way to Muslims away from ISIS and Radical Islam steer
If we cannot or will not we will never be able to kill them faster that then be replaced
Again and again we will see more Brussels as more and more jihadists Radical Islam to be embraced
© March 22, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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