Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trump: "Hillary Lacks Strength And Stamina"

Trump must believe that the Rules Committee of the RNC  will finally come to its senses
And will no longer be trying to as to Trump’s candidacy build at the convention  keep out Trump fences
Having pounded 14 opponents into the oblivion of suspension after they attacked him
He has now turned his attention to the sails of Hillary in the general begin to trim
He has released a commercial that deserves an Oscar for political theater
The liberal media is guessing wrong if they believe he cannot beat her
We face tough opponent in the world as this ad shows
First there is Putin slamming an opponent to the mat with a judo throw
Then there is a masked ISIS with a gun pointed at the views face
But the Democrats have the answer to these threats efface
A clip of Hillary aping a small lapdog’s yip
Then to Putin going on a laughing trip
A classic ad that will make you laugh and when you stop
Get fired up, get involved, do what you can to make sure Trump in the fall ends up on top
Next time you watch Hillary at a campaign event
Check her strength and stamina—is it all there or almost spent?
The low energy worked against Jeb
Like a hot rock from hands his lead was quickly shed.
As to the ad below is a link
Watch it and her electability you may rethink

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