Thursday, March 31, 2016

FBI In Clinton Probe In New Phase

The FBI investigation is slowly but surely entering a new phase
Slowly but surely they are navigating through twists and turns of the Clinton deception maze
If Pagliano was an astute man who his back he wanted to protect
The whole idea of a private email server must have made him suspect
He must have known that the emails on that server would be and then were being sought
No wonder he took the 5th with great fear he would be caught
A smart man would have made a copy of all the files before the server was wiped clean
To avoid an obstruction of justice charge which would not take much to have foreseen
So far not a word whether the FBI has been able to any or all of the wiped clean emails recover
If they have, an additional ticking time bomb for Hillary and Bill will be the quid pro quo Foundation corruption they would uncover
Reading carefully Clinton Cash the inference is obviously clear
The private email server was set up to conceal the quid pro quo and speaking fees to Bill and contributions to the Foundation steer
The Clintons have around so many scandals skated they must feel immune
Always playing that now very old “it’s a right wing conspiracy tune.”
Gruber’s views notwithstanding Americans are not stupid and could hardly believe
That companies and governments  acted out of the goodness of their hearts while favors from State they were seeking to achieve
If Sanders wins in Wisconsin and upsets in New York or loses by a margin so slim
Sensing a failed bid, good chance Obama will throw her to the FBI wolves and then campaign for a Sanders legacy preserving win
© March 31, 2016 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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