Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Time to Dump Trump Ere Reds Go Down In Flames

Only a narcissist of the utmost degree like Trump could with a straight sincere face
“I could shoot someone in Times Square and it would not hurt my standing in this race”
In Wisconsin, hopefully, we may see the ebbing of the Trump surge
As more and more women and party leaders want to from this nomination purge
Trump’s temperament and ability to listen to and heed advice
Appear to be lacking and his narcissism and ego are a major vice
In Florida we witnessed on tape those major character flaws
We heard perhaps the sound of a camel’s back breaking from a final straw
His campaign manager grabbed a reporter and pulled her back
Almost immediately he and Trump went on a trademark vicious personal attack
A complete denial, never met her, never touched her, this woman is delusional to her core
A glimpse of what if we are unfortunate to have him elected would be for us in store
Like Obama whose ego cannot let the term radical Islam ever leave his lips
Trump cannot admit to being wrong or apologize being trapped in his monstrous ego’s grip
Add to that,  his penchant for being a bombastic bully and always used to getting his way
From the White House in the fall voters must hold him at bay
After viewing a video that Trump insisted did not exist
The police charged the campaign manager with battery in yet another campaign twist
Women both Red and Blue have made it very clear
No way will they vote for Trump in this election year
If the Reds do not come to their senses and stop Trump
Hillary or Sanders win and Red control of Senate the voters will dump 
© March 29, 2016 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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