Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trump Not To Blame For Prostests But Should Tone It Back

The Washington Post joined the chorus of those for Chicago protests heaping on Trump the blame
Wouldn’t be any problems if only his rhetoric and anger he could somehow tame
I have listened to many of Trump speech and they are devoid of riots inciting
No urging of coming armed and then encouraging them to start with the protesters fightin
The Post opinion used the well worn adage where there is smoke there is fire
I have a better one that of hearing people never tire
To paraphrase the worst day of Trump as president
Beats the very best day of Hillary as we would continue our economic and security slump
If you don’t like that try this
Shows what happens when it comes to honesty and one is remiss
Only those with something to hide and must the revealing of truth obstruct
Set up a private server and the evidence of all wrongdoing destruct
The left and on Trump’s right to free speech have declared a holy war
Chicago is but the iceberg tip as we have a lot more suppression attempts in store
Blaming Trump for the planned disruptions of the left is about as idiotic as pointing at a rape victim the finger of blame
Intoning that if she had not worn such seductive clothes the libido urges of the rapist would have been tamed
The only people trying to free speech and debate suppress
Are BLM, and those supporting Sanders who bring this country to great distress
Trump in his bombast and rhetoric sometimes goes over the top
If the left were thinking clearly they would want him to continue not stop
In a video world each time Trump opens his mouth he is handing over another antiTrump video clip
It should not take long before a growing number of independents and moderate Reds will believe he is loosing on reality his grip
Won’t take long before the focus is on Trump while the focus on Hillary’s dishonesty and potential criminal behavior slips
But if the left continues to try to shut him down, not allow him to speak, a growing number of Blues who believe in the 1st will abandon her ship
© March 13, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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