Thursday, March 24, 2016

Emory Calls In the Counselors On Hurt of Seeing "Trump"

The academic world is becoming more and more of an intolerant place
While tuition soars and rush to shut down dissent moves ahead at an accelerating pace
But the news from Emory should make parents burdened tuition of 50 grand a year
Be shaking their heads in rage and shedding angry tears
Seems unknown supporters of Donald Trump wrote his name on steps and sidewalks
Not with spray cans of graffiti marking paint but washable chalk
In a typical assault on free speech
40 or so students rushed into the president’s office to him beseech
So traumatized by the appearance of  graphic mentions of Trump
They demanded counseling to allay their emotional serenity that the chalked words had       scrumped
Did this president indicate these students should chill out, foolishness out of line?
No, this spineless president called in the grief counselors to the students venting and the evils of Trump opine
We live in a world where thousands upon thousands of fanatics want us dead
Our college educated students are shattered and collapse seeing the word “Trump” instead
Worse these weaklings sheltered from any exchange or discussion of ideas are in for an unpleasant surprise
Unable to find work, living at home, degrees of little use to the work world, forced to their economic dreams downsize
Another victim of the need to always be politically correct
A disease this nation must rise above and reject!
            © March 24, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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