Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hillary Is Not Dishonest Blame It On Right Wing Attacks

Watching the Sanders/Clinton debate was theater at its very best
Especially when it came to Clinton’s lack of honesty when she was quick to suggest
The perception is not due to her acts
But years and years of “right wing” attacks
She is proving incapable when it comes to analyzing her conduct to accept that she is to blame
No one believes her private server justification for convenience purposes, a rationale totally lame
This woman and her husband personify the mushroom theory of how to with voters deal
Keep them in the dark covered with B.S. and if caught in deception pull out the race card or gender card appeal
Like Goebbels who was a master of propaganda who believed the path to a people believing truth was really the lie
Just keep repeating the lies enough timed and the people will believe the lie is the truth which nobody can then deny
It matters not whether classified information was marked classified on not
It’s the material that matter which is what she would have been taught
When in comes to border security she has a delusion that exceeds even Obama’s claim Al Qaeda is on the run
Out of her mouth she claims the border is more secure than ever so immigration reform the Reds can no longer shun
Should come as a great surprise to those living on or near the border enduring a steady stream
Of drugs which are killing our youth by the thousands or wasting them away cut off from achieving the American Dream
She must be suffering from the effects of her concussion the videos aliens heading north on top of trains
Or the hundreds of aliens on street corners looking for day work on the rise not on the wane
Great theater but sadly this time the stakes are far to high
Despite all the millions spent on ads we are faced with the worst deal that money can buy
Four more Obama like years with more soaring debt will make even the strongest break down and cry
 © March 22, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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