Saturday, March 19, 2016

Trump's Rally In Utah Assaulted

This election season has exposed an alarming but expected trend
For years the left has argued that if you disagree with them your right of free speech must end
From the banning of commencement speakers like Condi Rice
To a Mizzou prof. calling for muscle to freedom of the press sacrifice
To microaggression claims and the charge of racist or sexist in the blink of an eye
PC rules supreme, discussion of ideas withers and quickly on college campuses dies
Trump’s ideas on deportation or the banning of Muslims may be absurd
You can disagree with him but like all Americans he has the right to be heard
Like him or not he is striking among many a responsive chord
If Kasich stays in he may even win the nomination award
In Utah angry protests of another Trump rally event
With rocks into the air at his supporters being sent
Shutting down Trump is not right, all of us should such acts deplore
Violence coupled with suppression of free speech we cannot ignore and BLM are urging their followers to pursue their disruption and shutting down craft
For our democracy they are pushing this nation down a dangerous and completely wrong path
These protestors are complete and utter fools
They won’t prevail and the video clips add to Trump’s winning tools
Since Trump’s rhetoric is his own worst enemy, protestors should urge more speech from his lips
Calling for Mexico to build Trump’s Wall for example he has lost his reality grip
Attacking Megyn Kelly as second rate or her questions on his views of women as period based
Or questioning why anyone could vote for Carly given the nature of her face
Will drive women from him in the fall at a hyper pace
Leaving us with a real four more Obama like years which would be a national disgrace!
© March 19, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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