Saturday, March 5, 2016

Big Ugly Fat Fellow On His Way Against ISIS

The fat lady may not have sung for Cruz, Rubio or Trump
But the Big Ugly Fat Fellow is on its way for a big load of pain to dump
Maybe Obama is tired of being called a feckless wimp
And on Cruz’s carpet bombing calls wants to put a mortal crimp
Maybe, just maybe, after a pathetic year of the bombing gnats against ISIS
He has set aside his ego, listened to the military, and has woken up to this crisis
The  Pentagon announced today
That our B-52’s are against ISIS entering the fray
35 tons of high explosives from each plane raining down from the sky
Assuming the ISIS fanatics can be found a lot of them will soon die
Good things come in threes but in the case of B-52s it’s called a cell
In a few minutes it turns a square mile into a flaming Hell
Anyone lucky enough to survive the blasts and flames
Will be shaking so bad that any gun he will not be able to aim
Time for the social media to be on our side enlisted
Gruesome video proof of body parts in craters the urge for a virgin quest might be resisted
Video interviews of former enemies from a war long ago describing their terror
No warning, only mayhem and death from the sky could convince many that a trip to the to this caliphate will be a major error
These fanatics must be convinced that in this jihad there is no paradise only an exploding hell
Hopefully attracting these jihadists to the caliphate to fight will be a more difficult sell
With special forces on the ground calling in the strikes pray the collateral deaths are minimized
Ere we give more fodder for the Great Satan to be in the Muslim world further demonized.

 © March 5, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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