Tuesday, March 22, 2016

False Killer Maternity Ward Off Dana Point

           Whale watching is one of those pleasures off our California coast
           That along with our weather and beaches gives us a right to boast
           Sometimes its hours in a bobbing boat rolling in the waves
           With watchers hoping they had taken enough Dramamine for their lunch to save
           Hours and hours looking for a tell tale spout
           At the end of the trip only a few dolphins to be seen playing about
           But for the watchers on Captain Dan Southern’s whale watching ship
           They had a most memorable whale watching trip
            A pod of false killer whales, large dolphins but in killer whale disguise
            Were swimming toward him to reward his viewers with a pleasant surprise
            Not a replay of the rage of Moby Dick
            Seeking to pound the fiberglass sides that were not very thick
            But to in the open ocean a variation of Orca La Maze perform
Pushing up against the sides until in a spurt of bloody foam a 2 ½ pound baby was     born
Humans may be at the top of the intellect and emotional food chain
But false killer whales when it comes to caring for fellow false killer whales do not refrain
Surrounding the young babe and pushing it back to the surface to keep it alive
After 10 minutes of struggle and female adult aid the babe was swimming and taking its first dive
Maybe the predictors of climate change are right and the ocean temperatures are beginning to rise
For false killer whales are rarely this far north found
They dwell in waters further south where warmer temperatures abound
                © March 22, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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