Wednesday, March 16, 2016

McConnell Hold Hearings But Slow Walk

Obama may be clueless on foreign policy and national security due to the political cataracts that cloud his vision
Partially explains why his security briefings may have scrubbed reality in exchange for pie in the sky revisions
But when it comes to trapping the Reds in the vice grip of the voters’ blame
He is a master of that sordid political game
He announced his selection of his nominee to fill the departed Scalia’s seat
McConnell intoned there will be no hearings which looks like a voter anger over shutdown repeat
The nominee at first blush other than on the Second Amendment seems free of the liberal activist curse
If somehow Hillary is not indicted or the FBI her prosecution does not recommend for her server and the quid pro quos lining Bill and the Foundation’s purse
If she wins and the Senate is lost, a sure bet her selection for conservative principles will be much, much worse
McConnell is making a grave, grave mistake
Hold the hearings but at a slow walk pace as so much is at stake
The Reds can cite the Biden Rule or Obama’s filibuster attempts
But if McConnell does not even hold hearings, the voters may hold the Reds in the Senate in loss of control contempt
Fast and Furious and Lois Lerner investigations prove the slow walk is a piece of cake
19 years of decisions to review plus his time as a clerk for a leftist SCOTUS judge, take your time with so much at stake
The Senate has the power to advise and consent but it does not have the obligation to confirm
No matter how much Obama and the media paint Garland as a moderate, my gut feeling he would be a toxic liberal germ
© March 13, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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