Sunday, March 20, 2016

Chill Out Before Someone Dies

The rhetoric and passions both pro and con in Trump’s campaign continue to mount
 Trump claims the media should take the agitators' violence into account
 While the liberal troika of Obama, Clinton and Sanders sanctimoniously proclaim
 It’s not the protesters disruptive tactics, it is Trump's speech to blame
 In their view if you utter the racist charge
You have free reign to drown him out and onto the podium charge
With all the zeal try to shut Trump down
Lost in the rhetoric is the Free Speech child who slips into the political pool and drowns
This poet firmly believes that Trump is a total fraud
His Make America Great Again is a slogan only, a lack of policy flawed
But his message of sealing the border strikes a responsive chord
A reason why the Reds unless the RNC interferes will this nomination to him award
Before a supporter or protester at a Trump Rally is killed or maimed
Time for Trump, the Leftovers, and Clinton and Sanders their supporters violent passions try to tame!
Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet © March 20, 2016
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