Saturday, March 19, 2016

Trump Waging Personal War On Kelly Again

If you had any doubts about the fitness as a Commander in Chief of Donald Trump
Another petulant outburst against Megyn Kelly—time to any support for him to dump
Kelly too her credit continues to remain above the personal attacks fray
While fair and balanced reporting on the race she continues to display
Number 2 rated anchor who continually skunks the queen of real bias on the RMS show
Not second rate as judged by her viewers and peers who are not easy to snow
This man is toxic and in the fall like the sati that widows used to doom
Too many Red Senators and House members are going to be ejected from their elected rooms
Cruz may not be a saint and certain is not without electoral sin
May have crossed the line in Iowa and fudges with the truth in order to win
Time for Kasich to drop out and make this a two man race
Ere the Reds will not have a chance in hell to avoid four more Obama like years being put in place
No tax returns due to the audit excuse
No advisers economic or military, unwilling to against Kelly call a truce
His ego will not allow him to seek advice or ever admit to being wrong
A Potemkin platform, how many are getting tired of “Make America Great Again Song?”
Unwilling ever to apologize but so quick to launch a personal attack tweet
Mark my words he is turning the Reds into lemmings and they will go down to a landslide defeat
Romney ran a pathetic campaign he never, ever should have lost
Voters supporting this egotist are going to pay in the next four years a terrible cost
Loss of Senate, Hillary in the Oval Office and up to three new liberal Supremes
The next four years thanks to Trump will be a dreadful, gut wrenching scene
California’s primary this year actually will count
Vote for Cruz as recognition of Trump’s unfitness continues to mount
© March 19, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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