Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14 Afternoon Mushing Report on the Iditarod

March 14 Afternoon Mushing Report on the Iditarod
As the eve of the Ides of March comes to a close with the sun below the horizon and the temperature at White Mountain a balmy 15 degrees above zero, Dallas Seavey, Brent Sass, Mitch Seavey  and Aily Zirkle in that order have arrived in White Mountain, 898 miles from the start of the race and Wade Marrs has left Elim 852 miles from the start of the race.   The fastest rookie on the course is Geir Hyelvik in 28th who has left Shaktoolik, 754 miles from the start of the race The  second fastest female on the course is Michelle Phillips in 12th place who has left Elim with Jeff King hot on her tail only
two only two minutes behind; Anna and Kristy Berington are 41st and 42nd still in Unalakleet, 714 miles from the start of the race; DeeDee Jonrowe is in 48th place and has left Kaltak with Monica Zappa trying to zap her place on this leg in 49th place but only 21 minutes behind her out of Kaltak; and Ellen Helverson continues to tighten her grip on the Red Lantern Trophy and has left Ruby, 480 miles away from Nome and a hot meal, warm shower, and a welcome bed. Since this morning’s mushing report, another 3 mushers have dropped out, bringing the total to 12. One more report later this evening.

Into Elim comes what looks an advertisement for Hillary all dressed in blue mushed by Nick Petit who is in 9th place; no  time for Petit to rest as care of the dogs comes first as he makes a bed of straw for them to enjoy the Sun’s rays in canine comfort.

 Look for another mushing report later this evening. Hope you are enjoying these.

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