Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#Trump 2016 Racist At Scripps--What Waste Of 50k

Minjoo Kim as the student body president of Scripps
Is obviously completely trapped in the closed mind PC grip
This woman perhaps like almost all enjoying an over 50 grand tuition trip
Is incapable of hearing any discussion of ideas non left and must those discussions be worthy of censorship
Worse she and the Mexican-American student unnamed who called the police of Scripps
Over a #Trump 2016 as being racist must have their sense of reality and academic freedom totally slipped
A campaign sign is not racism, a closed mind to any ideas that do not comport with a PC line
Is the true racism and ideology that completely rots and destroys a student’s mind
Don’t call a sign racism as it like the shepherd who cried wolf and demeans and trivializes true racists’ acts
If Kim and this student had any academic abilities in an open forum they should Trump’s ideas debate and attack
Kim with her email claiming the sign proves racism is at Scripps alive and well
Is a claim that only a complete fool could try to sell
Trying to keep our borders from drugs, terrorists and illegals secure is not a racist position
Nor is a view that illegals here, especially criminals, should be deported is not an act meriting contrition
50 grand paid for an education that a Trump campaign slogan renders someone totally useless and afraid
The parents of the students at Scripps should be howling for a refund of the outrageous tuition paid!
© March 30, 2016 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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