Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tech Guardian Angel On Amtrak To SLO

On a train heading north to SLO
Other than the Bermuda Triangle like Internet gap, the only way to go
Trying to go on line in iambic comment on the news
Only to be awash again and again with a lower power brew
In and out, on line off line
Losing patience, losing my mind
On the second floor tracks  that give the train a rocking sway
My cursor and screen was in a constant jumping display
But God loves a poet and He must monitor my rhymes
He knew my patience was running out of time
For reasons known only to Him an inner suggest
Go to the bottom floor for coffee and let your frustrations rest
To my surprise I found a Tech Guardian Angel on her tablet pounding away
And immediately noticed at the lower level a lot less sway
Also noticed she was on line without interruption and unlike me in frustration did not curse
Time for this poet to his flight from serenity losing iambics reverse
Not being a shy poet with a stranger hard at work I began to converse
Learned she was in IT and was willing to go to my blogging verse
Betting yet as the internet interruptions got worse
She opened up her IT tech free info purse
A prime example of why no matter what vocation, race, or creed
Our human core will always reach out to another human in need oout to co
She in a few seconds turned my phone into an internet network to on the news in iambic comment
A woman nine years in Juneau, a tech Guardian Angel that God on this trip to me has sent

© March 5, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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