Saturday, March 26, 2016

An Easter Plea

On this Easter Weekend and its message of renewal and hope
While in Brussels the dazed victims are trying to with their losses cope
More examples of why Christ’s message of peace religions should not reject
Ere bias, prejudice, and violence becomes harder and harder to deflect
In Pakistan a former body guard killed the governor of the Punjab
Declared he had killed a blasphemer as was as such very glad
After being hanged for shooting the blasphemer 28 times
The senior Inman of the largest mosque in Scotland protested his execution for his crime
Worse praised him and blessed him for his crime of murder on a blasphemer carrying it out
While this senior Inman was praising this killer’s acts
Another Muslim in Glasgow was bleeding to death from another Muslim’s ferocious stabbing attacks
A shopkeeper who had the temerity to wish his Christian friends a joyous Easter blessed with Christ’s Peace gift
Ignited this attacker’s passion against blasphemy and stabbing and laughing this shopkeeper’s life on this planet given short shrift
Yet in another example of the passions of Islam reason and civility in full scale rout
In Kemar, Texas a Muslim Dairy Queen franchisee from Pakistan
Posted signs comparing Hindus to monkeys not fit to be in any civilized land
Worse as we have patted ourselves on the back for our ability to immigrants assimilate
This racist has become an American but seething in anti-Hindu hate
The Muslim invasion of India was a bloodbath that would make the Crusades seem a stroll in the park peaceful affair
How many generations must come and go before men no longer responded to racist call to action blares?
We Christians in our early years when it came to tolerance were not without sin
Crusades, Inquisitions, witch trials, and under the shadow of the Cross the introduction of slavery in the Americas to begin
It has taken a long time but the passion to kill other religions or those who blasphame
Has finally been curbed and tamed
On this Easter Muslims must rise up and take their religion back
Join with all religions to bring the train of tolerance, love and forgiveness back on the right track
If we are not successful and there is a God regardless of name
When the fires of Hell burn us for eternity we have only ourselves to blame
                 © March 26, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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