Monday, March 28, 2016

Not A Word On Lahore As Obama Lectures Us For Not Wanting 100,000 Refugees

Few things are worse that being hectored and lectured by an American President
Whose view of reality has been distorted and bent
Sounds of Silence from the White House on yet another Christian slaughter
By Radical Islamic inhumane rotters
Even when the Taliban from its own lips the responsibility for the attack in Lahore claims
That they were targeting Christians without hesitation admits as a badge of honor without shame
Both Kirby and Ernest hymn and haw and by indicating more Muslims were killed so the genocidal nature conceal
Another attempt to avoid naming radical Islam and so spin again the PC wheel
It is an accepted fact that in any flood of refugees into Europe ISIS will with jihadists infiltrate
For their desire to kill Europeans and Americans they will not and cannot sate
This president lectures us like small children whose feelings and desires the all knowing narcisstic can ignore
No way to vet, no way to curtail radicalization in Muslim communities her, only his desire to bring 100,000 through an open door
Like the lie that keeping Gitmo open is for ISIS a recruiting tool
He lectures us that pausing the flood will give Muslims a reason to ISIS join, what a fool
He lectures us on what acts in his delusional mind are contrary our character, values and religious traditions
Once again it is not his failures against ISIS but the American people to blame for their concerns and suspicions
We do have a proud tradition of religious freedom which under Obama seems under constant PC attack
Especially if a Jew or a Christian from a government that appears to give your faith and deeply held beliefs no slack
Lecture no more about our values and make no more vows that despite no strategy you will ISIS decimate
Before you took over the White House radical Islamic killings from 2001 occurred at a level rate
The increase soon started after you Muslim apology tour to apologize and Americans berate.
You in this struggle have failed completed and killings by radical Islamists have increased under your watch at an exponential rate
© March 28, 2016 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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