Friday, March 11, 2016

The Quashing Of Free Speech For Trump

The First Amendment is the cornerstone of the foundation of what makes America great
Under the PC left it only rules if you agree with them otherwise it’s time to berate
To the left like fired journalism prof Melissa Click, free speech is there only if with our positions you agree
Otherwise our ideas trump and we will cut down to the stump the freedom of speech tree
Tonight the surging  tides of repression of the exchange of ideas of thought
Tonight in a corrupt city of Blue ruled Chicago exposed the left wing moral rot
Donald Trump out of fear of safety to the attendees to a rally for him he chose to cancel
Not wanting to expose attendees to harm of protestors bent on raising potential, violent hell
MSNBC the rag of advocacy journalism worst than the worst Yellow Journalism of Hearst
Who cannot no matter how hard they appear to try, cannot quench their Trump is a racist thirst
The slant from the left will be the shutdown in Chicago was the fault of the ideas of Trump
The protestors were justified in trying and succeeding to Trump’s free speech dump
The physical violence tonight was a few punches thrown but by these protestors the First Amendment suffered a major blow
The left’s assault on free speech of those who disagree after tonight’s success will not subside only grow
The great new socialist to wear the mantle of the slayer of Wall Street’s supporters were chanting out in force
Will he condemn and demand the right of free speech for all this government and any government must enforce?
Or will he simply like most probably Hillary turn his head away?
And see how many more jobless youth against the perceived ills of Wall Street he can sway
Tomorrow will be witnessed by the sounds of silence from, other than Fox. our biased media and press
To them when it comes to non liberal thoughts it is okay with or without violence to suppress
© March 11, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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