Saturday, March 26, 2016

Honesty Hillary Can't Learn Today Fears The Bern

What begin months ago as a Don Quixote-like attack on wind mills
Has turned into a real race as the Bern brings two more states into his till
Sanders’ ideas for us may be an unmitigated disaster
But when it comes to likeability or honesty Hillary these traits Hillary has yet to master
Who when this campaign started would have ever thought
The Bern would still be here exposing his perceived Wall Street rot?
This has not been a great year for pollsters who almost from the very start
Have failed to predict the choices of the voters in the election mart
Today the Bern in Alaska and Washington the Bern chalks up resounding wins
Hillary has left the sanctuaries of the black votes she is in trouble no matter the spin
Imagine a 74 year old socialist the youth completely galvanizing
While Hillary looks old and tired and her dishonesty worthy of demonizing
My soon to graduate college senior son can’t wait to vote for the Bern
He can’t wait to the politics of personal greed and dishonesty of Hillary spurn
For all his misguided policies Sanders has this virtue Hillary completely lacks
He speaks the truth and being a hostage to wealthy donors he lacks
Later this evening Hawaii goes into caucus to its candidate select
Safe bet like in the Evergreen State the Aloha voters will Hillary reject
Great theater but for the Reds it is time to end the attacks on wives
Focus on what a Sanders or Hillary presidency would mean and how it would impact our ability to as a nation survive
© March 26, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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