Thursday, March 31, 2016

Six Year Girl Taken From Home Because Of 1/64 Choctaw

Another example of bungling government overreach to the detriment of a young child
Another example of a government running amok, running wild
Lexi a six year old girl has lived with her foster parents for over 4 years
Thanks to California Child Services she was pulled from her foster parents screaming and in tears
Lexi was taken at age 17 months age from her parents due to parental acts of substance and  crime
And his lived in the home of her foster parents with their three kids
From that loving environment of a husband and wife who want to adopt Child Services want to rid
Lexi is 1/64 Choctaw which means her father is 1/32 Choctaw
Somehow under the Indian Child Welfare Act she is caught in a well meaning but here a disastrous law
Have no idea where in Utah this pawn uprooted from a loving home will be sent
Only that at 1/64 she is no more an Indian than the Puritans and the judges who ruled should get down and repent
Only silver lining in this seizure with to Lexi and the foster family an unforgivable amount of distress
Unlike in the case of Elian Gonzales the state agents were not pointing guns to further the stress  
It seems like only yesterday when in 1999 14 refugees desperate to escape from Castro’s living hell
Boarded a small boat to attempt the 90 but ocean trip but to be overtaken by rising ocean swells
The boat started taking water, the engine died and three miles or so from Florida the boat sank and all but three drowned
Elian Gonzales at age five was one of the lucky ones to survive clinging to an inner tube when the boat went down
His relatives in Miami refused to Elian to Cuba return
He had already lost his mother and sending him back to Castro’s communist island gave them great concern
The courts decided only his father could an asylum petition file
Ordering him sent back to his home in Cuba erstwhile
Relatives refused and after some negotiations with passions rising and intense
Janet Reno ordered the fed SWAT team heavily armed on the offense
Elian was taken by force and thankfully no one was shot
But look at the terror in the young child’s face looking at a pointed assault rifle held by a fed SWAT

© March 31, 2016 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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