Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Obama Drags Heels On ISIS Genocide Determination

ISIS is committing brazen genocide on videos in broad daylight
Yet Obama drags his heels as Christians and minorities are killed in plain sight
The Nazis had the foresight to the deaths of 6 million try to hide
There can be no basis to delay or knowing Obama reject a finding of ISIS genocide
Tomorrow is the deadline forced upon him by Congress to genocide find
How can this Administration to the horrors of genocide be so blind?
The House has spoken with a unanimous vote that there is a genocidal crisis
And the causes are the acts of the radical jihadists of ISIS
Obama lectures us that we are not Americans in we do not let thousands of Syrian refugees in
Ignoring that ISIS fighters are posing as refugees and these jihadists want to against American their jihad win
Shades of the St. Louis being turned away to Nazi Germany a gut wrenching, guilt riddled déjà vu
Yet no declaration of genocide from him as thousands flee from the ISIS deadly brew
If he declares genocide he knows he might against ISIS be forced to become more involved
No wonder the world views us as weak, spineless and lacking moral resolve
Today we see scenes of Bibles instead of Christians being burned
These fanatics have without doubt the label of genocide earned
Tantaros in her analysis of this slaughter has astutely hit the nail squarely on its head
ISIS is the legacy of Obama and blood is on his hands for the thousands now dead 
He wants to admit 1000's of refugees but won't name the cause
Politics in his mind trumps morality which for him is as expected but a fatal flaw
© March 16, 2016 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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