Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump Needs to Follow Ed Rollins Advice

Ed Rollins has just issued above a very thought bit of advice to Donald Trump
One would hope that Trump reads it and acts on it while on the stump
Apologies to Heidi Cruz would be for any real man a good place to start
Ditto to Fields and Kelly while the negative insults a vow from those he will depart
If not, the voters, especially women, are going to his candidacy dump
Either Hillary or Sanders will run over him like a truck not hindered by a speed bump
Wisconsin will mark sanity’s and reason’s last stand
The last hope that saner heads will his march to oblivion withstand
The voters need to listen to their governor and follow his lead
Ere in the fall the presidency will be lost and from the Senate and House large numbers will out bleed
Unfortunately for the Reds, Rollins advice although perfectly sound will be ignored
Dismissed with the messenger quickly shown to the exit door
For a simple reason that the advice did not come from Donald Trump
So it will be quickly tossed and thrown into the trash dump
Talking about punishing women for abortions at Wisconsin town hall
Is a guarantee that even if she is indicted, Hillary will trounce the Donald in the fall
Last Chance in Wisconsin for the future of this nation and the Reds
Stop Trump there or its 4 more Obama like years and three Supremes, a chilling prospect we all should dread  
© March 30, 2016 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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