Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Michelle Obama Is The First Nanny With A Fining Fork

With each day we take more steps to become an oppressive nanny state
Schools now face federal fines based on what their students for lunch ate
Michelle Obama the First Nanny continues to parents and schools berate
With her photo op White House garden her desire to control our diet is a craving she cannot sate
Another unelected federal bureaucracy on Monday proposed new rules
If a lunch program failed to pass muster, fines would be imposed on that school
Limits on sodium and calories and the banning of white grains
Our children are not nutritional wards of a growing Nanny State
The First Nanny does not have the right to determine the contents of what is on their plates
The federal government under Obama is on a relentless path to intrude, its power never wanes
No wonder on the Red side it is the day of the outsider as angry voters are saying in a loud and growing voice “Enough!”
“Feds take your nanny-like oppressive regs and into the toilet stuff!”
Schools should close their cafeterias and let the students bring in their own lunches to eat
Guarantee there will be a lot less waste, especially when a parent packs in a surprise treat
If parents cannot afford the cost of food to a lunch pack and need a free lunch for their kids the fed dollars provide
Whatever dollars for food a school receives give it to the parents as food stamps along with a nutrition guide
Think of the money we will save with fed employees being given pinks
With the schools not having the feds over their shoulders they can concentrate on the task of teaching kids the skills to learn and think!
© March 29, 2016 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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