Monday, March 14, 2016

RNC, Beware of the Ides of March

2060 years ago on the Ides of March as Caesar was being stabbed he cried “Et tu Brute”
Today on the eve of the Ides of March from the voters “You too RNC, Kasich, Rubio and Cruz,” is on display
Only difference is that no togas by these politicians are being worn
The reneging of their pledge to support the nominee, the voters mourn
Only difference also is that the voters are dismayed
Establishment Republicans that have failed are still trying to get their way
The troika augmented by Mitt whose pathetic, losing campaign could not the voters sway
Joined by John who against Obama lost in landslide of almost 10 million votes
Together trying desperately to build around the White House an anti Trump vote
After years of failure of the Red establishment it probably should come as no surprise
That party leaders are terrified there will be no Trump demise
Time for the RNC to get over it and accept this simple easily understood fact
The voters are angry and want this country to take a new tact
The RNC needs to start listening to the voters’ voices
Time to demand that those still running accept and support the voters’ choices
There are 150 superdelegates that should go to the candidates in the same proportion as the primary votes were cast
If the RNC instead has them voting antiTrump and his nomination is lost, the outrage on the RNC will be more powerful than an atomic blast
A brokered nominee will have about as much chance of winning as winning Powerball
As millions of Trump supporters will sadly stay home in the fall
This attempt by the RNC to the will of voting Reds circumvent hopefully will be rendered moot
If on the Ides of March Trump takes Ohio and Florida causing Kasich and Rubio to halt their election pursuit
Even with the superdelegate puppets against him, Trump should enter the convention floor
With needed number of delegates to be selected and finally the reality of his candidacy the RNC will have to accept and cannot ignore
The only silver lining in this mess is that as Hillary continues to stumble
Already Sanders on the allocation of Blue superdelegates to Hillary is beginning to grumble
Assuming she has not been indicted and wins the nomination with the superdelegates to face Trump or a brokered Red in the fall
Sanders supporters may stay home in droves and not vote in the November election brawl
© March 14, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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