Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 9 Mush Report on the Iditarod from the Alaskanpoet

March 9, 2016 Mush Report On the Iditarod from the Alaskanpoet
Dallas Seavey is in the lead out of Ophir 352 miles from the start with a three and one half hour lead over Neil Burmeister with
JJohn Baker, Robert Sorlie and Jeff King rounding out the top five. The fastest female multi runner up, Aily Zirkle  is in Takotna
14 miles behind and DeeDee Jonrowe at age 62 is in Nikolai 265 miles from the start. Larry Daughhert, a rookie and in last place
Is in Rohn 188 miles from the start with great scenery but no population, only a checkpoint. Four racers to the dismay of their dogs
who love to mush have dropped out. When it comes to being cold, miserable and tired assuming your eyes are not frosted
over, Alaska scenery cannot be beat as this photo of the Rohn checkpoint proves.

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