Monday, March 28, 2016

Since 2010 Under Obama Deaths From Radical Islam Risen 800 Percent

A report by Project on Terror has just been released
During Obama’s watch since 2010 terrorist attacks have exponentially increased
In all of 2010 with Osama bin Laden having 4 months left of his life
“Only” 3,284 innocents in 2010 killed by bombs, by guns or by knife
In the past five years under this feckless president’s watch an average of 28,708
With the number increasing each year at an exponential rate
ISIS was created by Obama’s pulling the plug in Iraq and turning tail to withdraw
All the while ignoring the top brass consistent with his egotistical narcissism character flaw
Libya takes to Hillary’s push to take Khadafy down
 Another failed state and an ISIS fertile breeding ground
Only by the grace of God did a small sense of rationality be remain
Dragged kicking and screaming by a growing Taliban threat, relenting to have some troops remain
Here is chart that graphically shows
The number of deaths each year continues to grow

That JV team that Obama chose to ignore and dismiss
Its radical Islamic ideology has broken out of its safe haven territory cyst
Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia and on Easter Sunday Lahore
While like Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burned the threat of radical Islam he continues to ignore
Worse without chance of vetting refugees to at least skim the radicalized from the flood he is lecturing us to open our doors
His legacy he wants to be is the president who refused to let in less but ramrodded down our throats thousands more
No wonder Trump for all his faults is on a proverbial roll and the nomination barring a miracle win
Americans are tired of Obama’s and Hillary’s distasteful dishonesty and lying PC spins
Americans do not believe this President and Hillary have not nor will not this nation protect
Rational behavior on their part as even the labeling of the problem as radical Islam they continue to reject
To the Report on Terror here is a link
Read it and even if Trump is the nominee, a vote for Hillary or Sanders in the fall you should rethink
© March 28, 2016 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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