Monday, March 14, 2016

House: 383-0 ISIS Guilty Of Genocide--Obama MIA

For too long we have witnessed gridlock in Congress with bipartisanship wounded and going into shock
Especially when without 60 votes in the Senate on the Red aisle,  the Blues can any measure block
The body of bipartisanship may be wounded  but it is not dead
While Obama and State dither and delay on declaring genocide by ISIS, by a vote of 383-0 the House charged ahead
The vote has not been held in the Senate but it will
Safe bet that by huge majorities near unanimous votes,  it will go along with the House’s bill
Even more heartening, the House  in a Nuremburg déjà view
Authorized a tribunal to prosecute ISIS for genocide with 3 opposed and in favor 392
Congress has earlier mandated Obama to make a finding of whether ISIS is practicing genocide by St. Patrick’s Day
Why this Administration has not yet declared ISIS to be guilty of genocide defies any moral or policy rationalization
The facts are so clear that ISIS wants to exterminate Christians wherever they can be found—for real not some sort of imagination
A declaration of genocide that this Administration delays or refuses to make cannot in any civilized sense of the word be justified
 Each day around the Middle East and in Africa due to ISIS and its affiliates Christians systematically die
In a stretch one might argue that we cannot as the enemy radical Islam identify
In a misguided fear that Muslims would be offended and our words they would decry
But a declaration based on extermination based on creed has nothing to do with the fact that ISIS calls itself a Caliphate
Why has this Administration taken so long and why does it continue to delay and wait?
Maybe the rumors are true that Obama is a closet Muslim and could not care less about Christians’ fate
Also amazing that Kirby’s position is that the House vote will not influence the decision as he was so quick too state
Typical Obama to be aloof and Congress ignore and fail to relationships cultivate
Then pompously anyone who has the gall to disagree with him immediately blame and berate
© March 14, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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