Sunday, June 11, 2023

When GenX Starts Worrying About Civilization's Impending Collapse We Are In A World of Hurt


Darren Mark Stallcup a Feces City resident is bemoaning the city has become 4th world in a 1st world nation
Statement is close but better would be a 4th world one party rule in a Banana Republic State with 1st world nation with too many one party rule cities that merit condemnation
After decades of Blue one party rule
Not by caring rulers but power hungry fools
Too many sanctuary cities welcome illegals with open arms
Oblivious to the drugs, gangs, stress on schools and hospitals to our quality of life harm
And when a border state overwhelmed by thousands each day
Sends a 100 illegals to a Blue sanctuary city the leaders there go ballistic and to the nearest base want to send away
The now Iron Pyrite state has the perfect trifecta to our safety destroy
Attack the police, go super soft on violent crime and try to take our guns we need for our safety to employ
Far beyond the idea of back ground checks that most people would agree
Not to refuse for civilians the misnamed weapons of war on the battle fields we see
Every officer going into combat now carries a semi-automatic Glock
A weapon of war that Newsom’s Constitutional Amendment would block
Underfunded undermanned overwhelmed police mean only one thing
A law abiding citizen must be armed to protect self and family after 911 rings
When someone is trying to break down the door or the car steal
Or entering a place of worship, school or bus with gun or knife an armed citizen must be ready to with the danger deal
When residents no longer feel safe such that any knock, glance or harsh word is a perceived threat
The reptilian brain will be to shoot first to overcome any danger to have met

© 6/10/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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