Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Head of the Wagner Group in Belarus Seeking Asylum Head Russian General Who knew of Wagner Group Revolt But Did Not Warn Arrested


Being a former KCB Colonel leaves one with a deadly trait
No forgiveness of enemies who will face death as a fate
The head of the Wagner Group who led the one day revolt
Is hiding out in Belarus probably checking his dead bolt
Russians have a habit of tracking down dissidents who have fled
Like Trotsky meeting fatally an axe to his head
Putin is probably not known to forgive
His former opponents to let them live
Dead men or women can no longer shoot a gun or hire those who will
If the order came from Putin very few rubles to have to pay as a bill
While Putin welcomed back with open arms
Any member of the Wagner Group who was not plotting against Putin harm
Gen. Sergei Surovikin, the top Russian in the war against Ukraine
Supposedly knew about the revolt and did not warn or try to contain
Has been supposedly arrested
How many more will have their ability to withstand torture tested?

© 6/28/2023 Michael P.Ridley The Alaskanpoet

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