Thursday, June 8, 2023

San Bernardino Jury Acquits Son Who Prompted Mother Armed With a Knife to Acquit Son of Attempted Murder When He Shot At Her With Here Gun But Missed All On Tape

 As violent crime across the nation seems more and more like a tidal wave
With far too many innocents maimed or sent to a far too early grave
This poet against the Defund the Police Movements has often railed
For obvious simple fact that fewer cops on the streets, harder to crime curtail
This poet has also targeted Soros funded D.A.’s
Whose quest for equity means violent felons are rarely sent away
Too often prosecutors are prohibited from alleging strikes
And more time for enhancements like guns these Soros D.A.’s rarely like
Using discretion to charge down to cut a plea deal
Or refuse to prosecute too often with oblivious zeal
Sheltered by legislatures who pass laws requiring cashless bail
So the poor cop who risks his life sees a thug released from jail
Add to the list those judges wanting to give the thugs multiple chances
Sentences of only probation or minimal time while victims fear and look askance
And now another target worthy of our disgust and shame
Juries who may be anti-police and want not to criminal behavior tame
In San Bernardino, a female deputy answered a priority 911 call
By a mother fearful her son was going to kill her as the deputy tried to his actions stall
Did not draw her gun but only patted the son down
When he head butted her and punched her to the ground
Then wrested her service gun from its holster case
And shot but missed narrowly her face
Her Guardian Angel was on duty that day
Her gun jammed so the son could not her slay
Black eye and broken thumb on the surface PTDS to last and run deep
The only job this deputy ever wanted to perform she could no longer keep
Despite the incident on tape, 911 call mother protecting herself with a knife and son after the gun jammed kept trying to shoot
The jury bought the defense argument the son was acting in self-defense and the attempted murder they should refute
They acquitted him of attempted murder, assault on a cop and an arrest to resist
Guilty only of negligent discharge of a firearm so his mental illness will continue to exist
Maybe the jury was not anti-cop only outraged this son obviously mentally ill
Was not getting the help he needed so he lashed out and wanted to his mother kill.

© 6/8/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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