Friday, June 23, 2023

Drip, Drip, More Evidence of Hunter Selling Biden Quid Pro Quo Into the Open Continues to Slip


After the news that Hunter had on his tax issues with the IRS reached a misdemeanor deal
The information of Hunter’s receipt of funds reported to FBI was never passed on to IRS it was revealed
Sure looks like something in the form of coverup is rotten in Denmark
As new evidence shows Hunter claiming to be in Joe’s office and threatening if $5 million to him quickly does not embark
His father would make the Chinese associates lives miserable beyond belief
And surprise, surprise $5.1 million was quickly received to avoid such grief
Some of which quickly to Biden Family sent
In ways to hide where it went
Biden cannot hide behind a dementia has ruined my memory excuse
To the steady lies he never spoke with his son’s quid pro quo abuse
Despite the DOJ’s and FBI’s glacial speed slow walk beaten by a snail
Their ability enhanced by the MSM to conceal will be doomed to fail
Comer needs to subpoena all those involvement in the plea deal at the IRS
To explain why the millions flowing to Hunter did not massive tax evasion suggest
Somewhere there must be in the Bowels of the MSM empire
Who to another Woodward and Bernstein Pulitzer Award and film deal to aspire

© 6/23/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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