Saturday, June 24, 2023

Downtowns of Blue Run Cities Becoming Ghost Towns Unless Law and Order Policies Return


That once beautiful City by the Bay
Is shedding businesses like a bad case of dandruff on display
Shopping downtown San Francisco is choice that cause many to balk
What shopper in their right mind want to step over needles and feces on the sidewalks?
To have their car broken into or worse with them in it car jacked
Have no doubt about it businesses are leaving and they are not coming back
Unless one’s display cases are made of bullet proof glass
The near certainty of a smash and grab robbery by a thieving mass
As businesses leave the downtown and office buildings tenants lose
A crippling ripple effect shoppers and diner the suburbs soon choose
The decline in Blue Run downtown areas like SFO may have passed the point of no return
As the state and cities continue to sound economic and law and order policies spurn
Raising the felony hurdle to $950 means a thief can steal and never see the inside of a jail
If the state passes a law that prevents an employee from trying to stop a thief more and more retailers will fail
Either we lower the hurdle or require D.A.’s to send misdemeanor criminals to one year in jail
Along with in the name of public safety put an end to cashless bail
Add more police and issue more conceal carry permits
With armed guard warnings so a thief fears he will be shot if a robbery he commits
And if a gun or knife by a thief is shown during the crime
Add to the sentence an additional 5 plus years of time
May not stop the exodus of business seeking to depart
But along with more visible cops a needed welcome start

© June 24, 2024 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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