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June 6, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


In Virginia following the graduation ceremony for Huguenot High School, an arrested suspect as yet unnamed opened fire to kill 2 and wound 5 others. Blue Gubernatorial Candidate Andy Beshear in a tight race against his Red opponent is scrambling after a 2020 photo of him with the anti-Christian LBGTQ Sisters of Indulgence appeared as his opponent was quick to claim Kentucky is not California. When Jean-Pierre was asked about Biden’s pattern of falling last seen at the Air Force Academy she skirted the question and started touting his “accomplishments” (To the joke that you can always tell when a lawyer is lying when it’s when he or she moves their lips add Jean-Pierre). Leave it to an avid golfer Donald Trump to back in 2022 accurately predict the merger of the 2 professional golf associations LIV Golf and the PGA which has occurred. After putting Bullseyes on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments, the left with the Mayor Adams of NYC as their spokesman is suggesting illegals be taken in by private residences seems ready to scorch the 3rd as the consent requirement would be bypassed by mandatory fees  homeowners must accept for the privilege of having illegals camped out in their homes. The LGBTQ mouse has roared that Target suffering huge backlash and boycotts from mainstream American shoppers must put back on its shelves its transgender wares (wonder if the CEO of Target and the CEO of Bud Light would want to get together to drink Bud Light and eat munchies on Pride Plates?). The Kakhovka Dam on the Dnieper River has suffered major damage with both sides blaming the  other although it would appear that the flooding caused by the destruction would greatly hamper Ukrainian forces from their planned offensive to push the Russians out of the Crimea which strongly points to Russian responsibility but one thing is certain grain prices have increased and will continue to do so as large areas of crops will be affected. The World Bank has issued  a warning that the economy remains in a perilous state with stubborn inflation that is defying higher interest rates. AAA has demonstrated again EV’s Achilles Heel by loading a F-150 EV Ford which had a testing protocol reduced range from the EPA’s 300 to 278 with 1400 pounds of simulated cargo and found the range lowered to 210 miles.
               June 6, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
             Noted Holidays: D-Day: Celebrated on this day since 1944 to honor the Allied invasion of  Festung Europa in Operation Overlord by
the Allies landed around 156,000 troops in Normandy. 73,000 American (23,250 on Utah Beach, 34,250 on Omaha Beach, and 15,500 airborne troops inland), 83,115 British and Canadian (61,715 of them British) with 24,970 on Gold Beach, 21,400 on Juno Beach, 28,845 on Sword Beach, and 7,900 airborne troops inland, supported by 5,000 ships and 11,000 aircraft with a cost of over 4,000 killed and over 5,000 wounded to mark the beginning of the end for Germany on the Western Front while it was being pushed back relentlessly by the Red Army on the Eastern Front.
              Word of the Day: the word of the day is “anticryptic” which means camouflaged to resemble the environment which the illegals, who are runaways as opposed to asylum seekers who turn themselves in, wear when crossing the border to attempt to avoid detection. 
               Song of the Day:  The number 1 song on this day in 1971 was “Brown Sugar” by The Rolling Stones on a run of 3 weeks to share with 18 other songs achieving number 1 ranking, while 16 acts, including Janis Joplin who became the second artist to achieve number 1 status posthumously, achieved number one status for the first time. Here is a music video with lyrics of The Rolling Stones performing   “Brown Sugar”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9hcAA93N8c
               June 6 “Jealousy is the root of all evil”: Judith Eva Barsi, a noted child actress and voice actress, was born on this day in 1968 in Los Angeles and stared  acting in commercials at age 5 and by the time of the 4th grade was earning $100,000 a year but had an alcoholic father with 3 DUI’s who must have resented and been jealous of her success. Sadly before her mother could leave him and take Judith with her, on July 25, 1988 he shot and killed her and her mother then shot and killed himself.
               June 6 Historical Events In Rhyme
               1.     On this day in 2002 our Earth for an asteroid became a bullseye/As it exploded in the Mediterranean over between Greece and Libya but no one died/10 meters wide to a force of 26 kilotons to produce/Same amount as A-Bomb  that Hiroshima to rubble reduced.
               2.     On this day in 1971 Soyuz 11 was launched to dock with the world’s first space station on the 7th of June/22 days later they departed but their reentry to Earth was ruined/The reentry cabin depressurized and all oxygen was expelled into space/The capsule landed with 3 dead Cosmonauts who died well before they landed at their base. 
               3.     On this day in 1966 James Meredith famous for integrating Ole Miss/Was on a March Against Fear to claim that blacks who did not register to vote were remiss/Was shot by KKK member Audrey Norwell with a shotgun to writhe on the road in pain/Photographed by Jack Thornell who won a Pulitzer Prize which helped black voter registration make great gains.
               4.      On this day in 1945 a B-29 named Enola Gay over Hiroshima the first atom bomb it dropped/Which the America military believed would bring the war to a stop/Killed 70-126,000 civilians, 20,000 soldiers and 12 POW’s at or near the explosion site/Plus thousands more later as radiation sickness began its deadly bite/But to our unexpected surprise/We had to drop another on Nagasaki 3 days later to bring the war’s demise.
               5.      On this day in 1889 the Great Seattle Fire was started with an overturned glue pot/Seattle’s volunteer fire department was quickly overwhelmed and the fire it could not stop/In a city built mainly with wood and weather hot and dry/The entire downtown area was burnt to the ground with ashes rising miles into the sky.
                 Famous Quotes: Dwight D. Eisenhower who opposed used the A-Bomb: “Iwas against it on two counts. First, the Japanese were ready to surrender, and it wasn't necessary to hit them with that awful thing. Second, I hated to see our country be the first to use such a weapon.”
               Harry S. Truman who had to make the decision and obviously supported it: “Sixteen hours ago an American airplane dropped one bomb on Hiroshima. . . . The force from which the sun draws its power has been loosed against those who brought war to the Far East. When you have to deal with a beast, you have to treat him as a beast. It is most regrettable but nevertheless true.”

© June 6, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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