Friday, June 30, 2023

SCOTUS Ruled Web Site Developer Cannot Be Forced to Create Web Sites For Same Sex Marriages


Marie Antoinette with disdain supposedly intoned “Let them eat cake”
Was sent off to the guillotine to have from her body her head take
In Colorado a Christian web sites developer to develop same sex wedding web sites
 Refused to use her creative talent to promote activities her faith told her were not right
Web site development is a creative endeavor like the artistic thoughts a decorated cake will make
Web site development and cake decoration may not seem to rise to the status of a canvas but both are art for art’s sake
Colorado has a law that bans discrimination based on sexual orientation
Lower court ruled against the developer who argued her religious beliefs trumped the sought web site creation
But Scotus ruled 6-3 that you cannot force a developer to a web site make
When to so would cause the developer to deeply held beliefs forsake
In a rare snit fit moment Justice Gorsuch blasted Sotomayor’s expected dissent
Ridiculed her for the facts being twisted and bent
As the cake crumbled for gays who wanted to force the baker to create
Images and design ridiculing his religious beliefs being forced to decorate
The outcome for gays seeking a web site for same sex marriages  did not go well
The web site developer was pleased to avoid purgatory or Hell
With countless web site developers willing to their computer skills sell
On more weighty issues like affirmative action or student debt relief have more time to dwell

June 30, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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