Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Biden the "Great Unifier" Has Become the "Great Divider" and Most Transparent Has Turned Into Windows of Lead


Biden campaigned on a pledge he would this divided country unify
Sadly a pledge that was really bait and switch as his actions would the pledge defy
Almost as soon as the unifying thoughts in his Inauguration speech had faded away
His war on Reds especially those who voted for Trump would be on display
On a blood red stage with a Marine in dress blues at parade rest
He intoned the MAGA Reds were despised akin to domestic terrorists
Parents outraged over the cramming down kids’ throats of CRT
To voice their opposition at school boards became domestic terrorists in the land of the free
His second major campaign pledge was that his administration would be the most transparent in our history
That is until on the scandals surrounding son Hunter Biden, the visitor logs to the White House Reds wanted to see
From his inauguration through February on visitor logs Hunter’s name does not appear
Is it because of Hunter’s Burisma and Chinese dealings disclosure of visits Biden fears?
March through June the visitor logs have not been cataloged
But good chance Hunter and his associates will covered in the nondisclosure fog
As Hunter becomes more and more of an albatross and the scandals increase not subside
A mockery of transparency raising the question what is Biden trying to hide?

© June 27, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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