Friday, June 23, 2023

Human Nature Is To Explore New Worlds and Discover New Things But a $250,000 a Head Sight Seeing Cruz?


Humans since Lucy came down out of the trees to the African savannah explore
Have been driven to explore the unknown or to achieve firsts while dangers and risks to ignore
From Amelia Earhart trying to become the first woman to by plane the Earth circumnavigate
A worthy and to be lauded record for a woman in a man’s world create
To the Space Shuttle Columbia that had foam break off to damage its heat tiles
Upon the heat of reentry it exploded after 255 orbits traveling 6.6 million miles
To those brave explorers seeking higher mountains to climb
Inching up peaks into the clouds leaving oxygen far behind
To the balloonists and aviators like Steve Fossett crossing the oceans dependent upon the wind
To whom living a life without exploration and risk is a mortal sin
To the sailors seeking to set speed records over the seven seas or the Earth sail round
Or those racers who strive to create speed or endurance records on the ground
Merit our admiration and praise
To discover new facts and dangers not being phased
But the Oceangate Titan was not on a voyage to explore
Only a sightseeing trip beneath the ocean the risks the CEO chose to ignore
The world was riveted to the fate of the lost Titan and the five aboard
Praying against all odds a rescue as each day to suffocation they moved toward
Huge rescue effort that went for naught
The U.S. Navy hearing the sounds of implosion knew the farm they had bought
CEO being castigated for an unsafe boat, the tourists for their spending spree
When the world is full of have nots hard to waste money to see firsthand a wreck already seen on TV.
Mock them not as they lie unburied in an imploded tomb
And pray their family and loved ones can cope with the grief and gloom

© 6/23/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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