Friday, June 23, 2023

SCOTUS Rules 8-1 States Cannot Force the Executive to Enforce Immigration Law Requiring Deportation of Illegals


After an 8-1 SCOTUS ruling our open border became even open more
The states awash in illegals do not have standing to force the feds not to our immigration laws ignore
The Biden Administration had adopted resolutions that require ICE to target for deportation the following illegal types and others forget
Recent border crossers, threats to public safety and national threats
Since almost all illegals crossing the border have been coached  to claim
They are fleeing their native country because of credible threats to be killed or maimed
They become asylum seekers no matter the real reason is to their economic status improve
To be given a court date far off in the future to appear in court to asylum status try to prove
Far too many will just disappear never to see the inside of an immigration courtroom for a hearing on their case
Too many unskilled, illiterate, overwhelming our schools and hospitals our social safety net to debase
The federal government is not exercising prosecutorial discretion
It has made the refusal to enforce immigration laws its illegal election
States should declare an invasion by the increasing illegal alien invasion tide
Turn them immediately around, confiscating any vehicle or boat allowing them to ride
A stop gap measure at best as the only lasting solution is to Biden defeat
Elect a president who will our enforce our immigration laws and send illegals to their country back in retreat

© 6/23/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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