Monday, June 26, 2023

Florida Police Union that Supported Trump in 2020 Now Supports De Santis


In America an arrested person does not have to prove his innocence or be forced to testify
And face cross examination by the prosecutors seeking to shred and cast disbelief on the charges he denies
Trump has entered a not guilty plea to the 37 counts against him levied
The prosecutors have the burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt which is heavy
The trial is tentatively scheduled for August 13
Whether that occurs or is postponed past the election remains to be seen
So far Trump has managed to solidify and gain slightly more Red support
The acts of the DOJ in charging Trump causes many to believe politization has caused it to blind justice abort
Today in what may be a bellwether endorsement Florida’s largest police union of 30,000 officers strong
No longer endorses Trump but rather endorses De Santis as the best candidate to in the White House belong
Normally defense counsel want the trial date to be in the future delay
But here an acquittal or hung jury would the goal that carries the day
In August or the early fall of 2023
A scathing attack on politicization for all to see
Trump will then campaign that if the DOJ can charge a former President with funds to defend
You as a voter lacking large funds will see your freedom due to a weaponized DOJ come to an end
But if he is found guilty with case under appeal
His support should collapse and the one card Biden must have is repealed
If Trump is not on the ballot and the growing concerns over Biden not being mentally and physically not fit
And believing a vote for Biden is really a vote for the Word Salad Queen, millions of Blues will stay home and mail in ballots not submit
Fasten seat belts for a bumpy election road
Especially if more bribery revelations the Reds can unload

© 6/26/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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