Saturday, June 10, 2023

Plane Crash in Columbian Jungle Kills Pilot, Co-pilot and Mother But 4 Indigenous Kids Aged 11 months to 13 Years Survive 40 Days to Be Rescued


Crash land 4 American kids in a jungle who the crash survive
Without cell phone signals they would not long remain alive
The news out a Columbia jungle the world amazed
But the 4 children age 11 months to 13 years were not fazed
These were indigenous children who in jungles all their life lived
It is a place with dangerous animals and plants that the ill prepared it does not forgive
For 40 days probably with little or no supplies they survived
Knew how to build a shelter, to find edible plants to their bodies revive
Probably knew how to make fire without a match to keep predators away
Large enough to the nighttime chills allay
Maybe knew how to fashion weapons and maybe trap small game
To their fears of being eaten or starving to death able to tame
And able to tend to an 11 month old’s survival needs
Knowing the jungle well enough to the warnings of the jungle heed
Never again should we because we have evolved from jungle huts
And have access to technology we know not how to replicate look down on indigenous and nose in the air strut

© 6/9/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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