Saturday, June 10, 2023

Joe Rogan Slams Transgender Activist Trying to Shove Transgenderism Down Americans Throats


Target’s and Bud Light’s fixation with transgenders have cost shareholders billions of wealth
For pushing woke down Americans throat in your face, up front, loud rants not subtle or with diplomatic stealth
Now some transgender activists
Are threatening boycott if Target removing Transgender wear persists
Not sure where they managed to get the data but a study by UCLA
Estimates are that there are 1.6 million aged 13 + that the call of the Transgender life style obey
The study claimed the number to adult transgenders has not increased
While in teens 13-17 it has doubled whose judgments are often swayed by caprice
And as they become adults knowing the costs and dangers shed the desire
No longer “cool to shed one’s male equipment” to from being a male forever retire
Transitioning is a real crossing the Rubicon and very difficult to detransition back
All the reason puberty blockers and surgical mutilation should be barred as teens judgment often lack
Transgenders boycotting Target or Bud Light are more like the Mice that Roared
When on the issue of transgender policy they dewoke, watch their sales slowly soar
Boycotts are not desired but if they have to occur and Woke Target and Bud Light continue to choose
Millions upon millions of non-transgender customers they will forever lose

© 6/9/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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