Sunday, June 4, 2023

Stanford Sends Dawgs Home and Will Play the Sooners on Monday


Stanford v. Washington Elimination Game 6/4/2023

It’s a Sunday elimination game between the Dawgs and the Cards
Each team will be trying to win so very hard
The loser packs its bags and heads back home
The winner advances to be cannon fodder for the Sooners’ Runs Scoring Zone
The Sooners look invincible and to prevent them to be World Series bound
They would have to lose 2 in a row so unlikely it would the softball world astound
But first the Cardinal must take the first step
Must beat the Dawgs or the dream of an upset of the Sooners to forget
Both freshman pitchers were dominating in the early innings
With a Stanford runner thrown out at the plate a lost chance of winning
Washington had a defensive Achilles heel
On their catcher it was too easy to a base steal
Stanford had a heel also, a proclivity to errors commit
Why a 2-0 loss to the Sooners they had to submit
Bottom of the 6th and 2 Dawgs on base due to back to back errors
Nijare feeling somewhat alone knowing she had to reach back for her fast ball terror
A grounder yielded a failed double play with runners at the corners and 2 out
Nijare with a hard to hit pitch for a weak fly to end the chance of a Dawg rout
On the top of the 7th, Gindlesperger legs out an infield single
Then steals second and on errant throw slides into third and winning hopes start to tingle
A bloop single by Chung and Gindlesperger easily scores
Now it’s showtime for Canady to close the upset door
And slams it she does—pop up to 2nd, grounder to 3rd
And a fitting K for the fans’ chants “Sooners here we come” to now be heard
On Monday the Sooners now they will play
Stanford must more hits and less errors display.

© 6/4/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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