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June 20, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


Reds are outraged over the sweetheart deal Hunter Biden received for his guilty plea-misdemeanor federal income taxes charges and a pretrial diversion program for his lying on drug use to obtain weapons charge and have vowed the investigation into corruption will not end. Biden as a father responded to the plea deal with a statement he “Is very proud of his son” while Americans may wonder if his name was not Biden there would have been a harsher outcome. Former AG Barr weighed in that the plea deal ups the ante to require the FBI to fully release the information on the alleged bribery involving Biden outlined in the FD 1023 subject to protecting the identity of the informant. Trump has revealed once again the depth of his narcissistic personality for attacking DeSantis for being disloyal by running against him after he claimed he was dead politically in 2017 until he supported him in his race for governor (like his attacks on Marco Rubio during the 2016 primary with the nickname invective “Little Marco Rubio” he is slinging “Rob  Desanctimonious).  The lawyer for black Hip-Hop artist Kodak slammed the Hunter Biden deal reminding us all of the two systems of justice we face as his client charged with the identical gun crime as Hunter received 3 years in prison. It looks like the world is creating a new divide among its residents carnivores versus not herbivores but hyper ones that are Vegans as noted retired chef Johnnie Mountain, now living in Perth, Australia has banned Vegans from his restaurant. Our judiciary for far too long involved in battles over abortion is now facing an expanding medical battlefield—the extent to which states can ban medical treatments involving gender affirming procedures including surgery which is highly problematic to detransition from as a District Court has waged into the waters to declare Arkansas’ law banning transitioning gender surgery as unconstitutional. On the hostile work litigation front a former cook at a Panda Express, Romerian Logan is suing Panda Express, claiming that BiQing Liu, the manager of Panda Express at Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City, made insulting comments about her pregnancy and suggested that she have an abortion after finding out she was pregnant. With an estimated 40 hours of oxygen left on the tourist deep sea submersible on the ocean floor some 12,500 feet below the sea, experts are expressing that is highly unlikely that any of the few submersibles able to operate in that depth will be able to arrive soon enough to rescue those trapped inside. As the chief of the CBP who has been the constant voice in the wilderness on the Biden’s Administration’s total failure to secure the border will be retiring in two weeks, May’s numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border totaled over 200,000.
             June 20, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
             Noted Holidays: Nystagmus Awareness Day: Created by Nystagmus Network in 2013 and formerly known as Wobbly Wednesday and celebrated on the 1st Wednesday in November and now known by its present name and celebrated on June 20th starting in 2018 to raise awareness of a congenital defect that affects 1 in 1000 births that causes one or both eyes to move spasmodically affecting depth and clarity of vision and to raise funds for research to find a cure and treatment improvements.     
  Word of the Day: the word of the day is “approbation” which means approval or consent.
             Song of the Day:  The number 1 song on this day in 1957 was “Love Letters in the Sand” by Pat Boone on a run of 5 weeks to share with 16 other songs achieving number 1 ranking. Here is a recording of Pat Boone performing: “Love Letters in the Sand”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ENzT9k1LRs

              June 20 Birthdays: “To Be Young and Cruising” Candy Clark was born on this day in 1947 in Norman, Oklahoma to become a noted model and actress and best noted for her role as Debbie Dunham in the film classic American Graffiti  , for which she received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actress.  Still with us but no longer cruising the streets of Modesto on a summer night to be seen and preparing to leave for college.
              June 20 Historical Events In Rhyme
              1.     On this day in 1991/ The open item on the German reunification caused by the fall of the Berlin Wall was done/ The Bundestag in a close vote agreed to move from Bonn to Berlin/ Making Germany once really fully united once again. 
              2.     On this day in 1982 Argentine garrison on the Island of South Thule/ Which had landed prior  to the Falklands War to the uninhabited rock claim to rule/Was reoccupied by a force of British Royal Marines/They quickly surrendered and from the island were never again seen.
              3.     On June 20, 1975 the movie Jaws was release/Throughout the nation the ideal of swimming in the ocean at night quickly ceased/Quickly became the best grossing movie at that time and began the “summer block buster trend”/That would to the theaters during the summers would send.
             4.      On this day in 1972 the existence of on the tapes of conversations between Nixon and his advisers a 18 ½ minute gap/An early sign Nixon was sliding into the obstruction of justice trap.
             5.      On this day in 1943 in Detroit with its population swelled by defense industry work/a false rumor that a mob of whites that thrown a black mother and baby into the Detroit River caused a mob of blacks to go berserk/Thousands of blacks and whites flowed into the streets/all sense of civility went down quickly in defeat/ Over 6,000 Army troops quickly arrived with loaded rifles and bayonets/To restore peace and calm in one on the worse riots we had seen yet.

             Famous Quote on the Death of Doctor De Horatiis by his Lifelong Friend  Hector Saulino: “ Many times the good doctor refused to take money and often paid the bills of specialists he called into the cases. Many times he loaned great sums of money without taking notes. After thirty-seven years of service he died poor, owed much of that money still. In his death Dr. De Horatiis offers a solution to all wars-Christian charity. When will the world learn that as long as men beat one another and strive greedily and selfishly against each other, peace cannot return to stay?” 

© June 20, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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