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June 13, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


Trump was arraigned in Miami to plead “not guilty” and was released on the condition that he appear at all future hearings and that he not contact any potential witnesses about the case but may otherwise have contact as many of them are in his inner circle but to some of the more vociferous Trump critics he did not have to surrender his passport and had no restrictions placed on his travel. As the long awaited Ukrainian counteroffensive has started, Putin has admitted that his forces are lacking in drones and other specialized military equipment similar to what has been supplied to Ukraine’s allies like the U.S. and other NATO countries. As the Trump motorcade was leaving the Miami Courthouse a man dressed in prison garb holding a big sign stating “Lock Him Up” jumped in front of one of the SUV’s to be pounced on by Secret Service and dragged away. Starbucks prides itself as a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ community has been hit by false accusations that it is removing Pride flags which the company vehemently denies. In Ecuador 76 year old retired nurse Bella Montoya had been declared dead in a hospital and sent to a funeral home where family members had gathered for a wake shortly after it began she started pounding on the coffin to the shock of her family who rushed her back to the hospital as she still seemed to be in critical condition. During a math class at Edison High School in Huntington Beach, the teacher started to show a Pride Month video which prompted a classroom revolt among his students demanding that it be turned off to be threatened with attendance at Saturday school to have to watch it. Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak has announced plans to retire and the end of next season. Look for the Red candidates for president to run on the slogan “A vote for Biden is really a vote for Kamala Harris” who is probably as surprised as most Americans as 86% of Blues would be supportive of her being president. Despite Mark Cuban’s observation that Bud Light is doing good business, sales data for the week ending June 3, show sales down from over a year ago by over 24% and they have fallen from being the highest selling beer to be replaced by Modello.
             June 13, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
             Noted Holidays: World Softball Day: created on April 25, 2005 by Don Porter of the International Softball Federation and first celebrated on June 13, 2005 and on each 13th of June thereafter. Watching women at the collegiate level is a real trip as the pitcher is throwing the ball from 43 feet away that is moving at 70-75 miles per hour mean the batter has less than one half a second to determine to swing or let it pass.
              Word of the Day: the word of the day is “apocalypticism” which means describes the imminent end of the world which AOC is quick to remind us that the end will come soon if we do not sign on to her green new deal to prevent increasing climate change.
              Song of the Day:  The number 1 song on this day in 1964 was “Chapel of Love” by The Dixie Cups a run of 3 weeks to share with 23 other songs achieving number 1 ranking, while 11 acts, including the Dixie Cups and the Beatles who had 6 songs, achieved number one status for the first time. Here is a recording of The Dixie Cups performing “Chapel of Love”:
              June 13 Birthdays: “Double the Bang for the Bucks”: Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate Olsen, identical twins were born on this day in 1886 in Sherman Oaks, CA and began their acting career before the age of 9 months playing the role of Michelle Tanner in the ABC sitcom Full House and to comply with strict child labor laws altered their time on the set. After a successful career as child TV and movie stars, they took over control of their production company Dualstar on their 18th birthday to branch into fashion, fragrances, furnishings and accessories  sold in over 3,000 stores in the U.S. Not sure who was born first but both are very accomplished women and were actresses with a lot of talent and vision.
              June 13 Historical Events In Rhyme
              1.     On this day in 2005 after a 4 month trial involving Michael Jackson’s alleged abuse of then 13 year old Gavin Arvizo at Neverland Ranch the jury returned its verdict/On all 14 counts of abuse allegations the jury voted to acquit/After the verdict Jackson to Neverland never returned/Even the appearance of abuse with minors he must after the trial have learned.
              2.     On this day in 2000 South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung for the first time met with Kim Jong-il his North Korean counterpart/To discuss certain issues like moving from an armistice to ending the war, amount of troops at DMZ and nuclear weapons that keep the 2 nations apart/Little progress on either side/Especially since the North’s efforts to develop nukes will not subside. 
              3.     On this day in 1994 a jury in Anchorage found Exxon and Captain Hazelton reckless in the running of the Exxon Valdez onto a reef in Prince William Sound/Where millions of dollars of commercial fisheries and recreational fishing can be found/To enable the damaged plaintiffs to proceed on $15 billion damages from the resulting oil spill/A costly reminder that oil spills due to environmental damage come with a very large bill.
             4.      On this day in 1981 at the Trooping of the Colour/Teenager Marcus Sarjeant his failures increasing and life in his parent’s home getting duller and duller/To get the fame and notoriety he desperately sought/Pointed a fake pistol at Queen Elizabeth to fire 6 blank shots/Causing her and her horse great alarm and fear/And for Sarjeant being sentenced to prison for 5 years.
             5.      On this day in 1971 with Nixon Vietnamizing the war/As Americans were growing tired of our troops suffering death and gore/So the weekly death and maiming totals would not soar/WAPO began publishing the “Pentagon Papers” leaked by Daniel Ellsberg that show the Johnson Administration was lying to its core/Over 58,000 Americans mostly draftees near the war’s end died/Would have been saved if our Pentagon had not consistently lied.
             Famous Quote on Courage of Leaking the Pentagon Papers:
             Daniel Ellsberg: “There are two types of courage involved with what I did. When it comes to picking up a rifle, millions of people are capable of doing that, as we see in Iraq or Vietnam. But when it comes to risking their careers, or risking being invited to lunch by the establishment, it turns out that's remarkably rare.”

© June 13, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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