Thursday, June 22, 2023

Suggested Designs For Censure Badge of Honor Schiff Wants to Wear

Adam Schiff was censured sadly not expelled
Immediately bragged if you judge a man by his foes I am doing well
His censure will be his badge of honor he will proudly wear
Defiant words from a man whose cupboard of lies always full never bare
Unlike the Congressional Medal of Honor or Medal of Freedom what will be this badge’s design
To be worn by a man to whom the ability to tell the truth instead of lies has never been assigned
The first pick would be a long wooden nose
With his many lies a badge so apropos
Joined by 4 more as 5 is the highest number of Pinocchios a fact checker can award
But in Schiff’s case an exception due to number and severity 10 would be the proper reward
Second might be a pigeon roosting on a stool like seat
Exchanging with lies the ability to send opponents for Di-Fi’s job into retreat
The third is from our childhood
And would by almost all be understood
The index finger beneath the middle finger used to flip the bird
Warning to all that a lie was about to be heard
What should to Californians seeking good government be scary
Schiff will use censure badge of honor to his opponents for Di-Fi’s seat try to bury.

© 6/22/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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