Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Titan Is Running Out of Time and Oxygen as Stockton Smith, the CEO of Oceangate Expeditions Is Already Down With the Ship


It is a time honored maritime tradition that a captain goes down with his ship
To do everything humanly possible to remove crew and passengers imminent deadly grip
The last person alive to abandon the ship as it sinks below the waves
Even if rescue of the captain becomes impossible and he joins others in Davey Jones Locker grave
Oceangate Expeditions charges each passenger $250,000 for a voyage to the Titanic’s resting site
Over twelve thousand feet below the surface with 50 test dives and 2 prior dives to assure passengers the dive will be alright
The CEO of Oceangate Expeditions Stockton Rush is onboard
Like the others conserving oxygen hoping a rescue submersible is moving toward
There is no hatch only a stern that must be unbolted to leave
If rescue is successful a surfacing of the Titan will have to be achieved
Exploring outer space and the ocean depths poses great dangerous risks
We pray that if unsuccessful the quest to explore our frontiers will still exist
If not the CEO will have honored the tradition and gone down with his ship
To join the Titanic bodies of Capt. Steven Smith and 1307 passengers and crew in death’s grip
But the lawyers may have a field day as Rush was previously warned that equipment had not been by third parties tested
A failure of which lead to wrongful deaths suits by estates of passengers be suggested

6/21/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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