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June 26, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


Florida’s largest police union with 30,000 members that endorsed Trump in 2020 has announced it is endorsing De Santis not Trump as the best man to occupy the White House. On the Woke Education Front, St. Phillip’s College a community college in San Antonio, Texas has terminated a long term employment of Adjunct Professor Joseph Yarkey for having the audacity to do what he has done for 22 years in his biology class to state the sex is determined  by the presence or absence of the XY Chromosomes, a statement which caused 4 students to walk out of his class. He has retained the services of the First Liberty Group who are demanding he be reinstated. In yet another example of how dangerous and uncivil we are becoming in the political realm, Rhode Island Blue State Senator Joshua Miller has been arrested for vandalism after surveillance cameras show him “keying” a SUV because the owner the temerity to have a “Biden Sucks” sticker on it. NBC which leans to the left has released a poll which should send shivers up Biden’s back as it shows the “Word Salad Queen” with the lowest approval of any VP in any NBC poll of VP’s coming in at 32% (she is like the Austrian corpse allied with Germany in WWI reminding voters that a vote for Biden with her on the ticket given his mental and physical frailty is really a vote for her). In Toronto another example that Bud Light remains clueless on the expanding hole it is digging on the issue of transgenders as it was the proud sponsor of a Gay Pride Parade heralded as family friendly which a bunch of nude men on bicycles with their male tools exposed for young girls to see. Biden must either be subject to complete cognitive loss on his interface with his son on his business dealings or must think the American people are too dumb to remember his often denials which look more and more like bald faced lies that he never discussed his son’s business dealings with him. In an indication that a manned trip to Mars will be in the not too distant future, 4 volunteers entered a Mars simulation habitat and will be locked in for 378 days. On the College World Series front LSU  after falling behind 2-0 in the first slaughtered Florida 18-4 with 24 hits to win the College World Series.
             June 26, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
             Noted Holidays: National Barcode Day: Created by Data Logic, Scan Source, Inc. and Barcode, Inc to be first celebrated on this day in 2021 to commemorate  the first use of the Universal Product Code on this day in 1974 when a package of Wrigley’s gum was scanned at a Troy, Ohio small town grocery store.
             Word of the Day: the word of the day is “archimine” which means a buffoon or chief mimic which seems to define Karine Jean-Pierre each time she convenes a meeting the Capital Press Corps.
              Song of the Day:  The number 1 song on this day in 1951 was “Too Young” By Nat King Cole  on a run of 5 weeks to share with 9 other songs achieving number 1 ranking. Here is a music video of Nat King Cole performing: “Too Young”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbhIlGHNgn4
              June 26 Birthdays: ”On the Ice In Panther Land” Ariana Grande, famous singer/songwriter, born on this day in 1993,  who has sold over 90 million records and whose parents had season tickets to the Miami Panthers Ice Hockey team and with their prime location close to the ice resulted in her being hit in the wrist twice but she is better noted for at age 8 singing the National Anthem at a Panthers’ home game and in the first game at the Panthers new National Car Rental Center being the first child to ride in a Zamboni during the first intermission thanks to her parents bidding $200 in an auction. She is also noted for the Islamist terrorist who on May 22, 2017 detonated a suicide bomb in his backpack filled with nuts and bolts after her concert held in the Manchester Arena had ended and fans were streaming out of the exits, killing 22 and wounding over a 1000. Visibly moved she hosted a benefit concert for the victims of the bombing, raising £17 million.
              June 26 Historical Events In Rhyme
              1.     On this day in 2015 SCOTUS in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, by a vote of 5-4/Ruled that same sex marriages could be banned no more/Great joy and relief in gay and lesbian couples that they would have the same legal rights/As heterosexual married couples no longer hiding in the closet keeping their relationship out of sight.
              2.     On this day in 2003, SCOTUS in the case of Lawrence v. Texas  ruled that sex based sodomy laws/Invaded the bedroom’s right of privacy of consenting adults and were flawed/No longer were couples same sex or otherwise subject to arrest/For engaging in sexual acts that met their mutual pleasure test.
              3.     On this day in 2000 after 10 years of painstaking work by top flight scientists practicing their craft/It was announced that the Human Genome Project had completed its gene sequencing first draft/The project when completed will go down as one of the greatest scientific achievements in history/Unlocking and understanding the genetic codes that affect who we are as humans no longer an uncharted mystery.
             4.      On this day in 1988, Air France to its new Airbus 320-111 tout at an airshow/Was supposed at a height of 100 feet over the airfield go/Instead with flaps and wheels down flying at 30 feet/Into a forest of trees with only a pilot gasp of “Oh Merde” then meet/Both engines ingested branches and leaves and failed, a wing sheared off and plane was engulfed in fire/Hard to believe but of the 136 people aboard, 50 were injured with 34 hospitalized but only 3 would expire.
             5.      On this day in 1948 after the Soviets had imposed a blockade on all rail and road traffic in and out of West Berlin/The flights of the Berlin Airlift would begin/ The Soviets were sure the Berlin Airlift would not succeed/The Allies to save Berlin from starvation would Soviet demands have to heed/ in 15 months with 250,000 flights, the US Air Force had delivered 1,783,573 tons (76.4% of total) and the RAF 541,937 tons (23.3% of total) of needed supplies/To the Soviet Berlin Blockade defy and their effort to bring Berlin to its knees deny.
             Famous Quotes on the Berlin Airlift:
           General Lucius D. Clay, in Charge of the Berlin Airlift June 1948: “I am ready to try an airlift. I can’t guarantee it will work. I am sure that even at its best, people are going to be cold and people are going to be hungry. And if the people of Berlin won’t stand that, it will fail. And I don’t want to go into this unless I have your assurance that the people will be heavily in approval.”
           General William H. Tunner USAF on Why the Berlin Airlift Worked: Valuable time was wasted in Berlin as crews landed, parked, shut off engines, took off for the snack bar and then strolled over to Operations to make out their return clearances. I laid down an order: No crew member was to leave the side of his aircraft while the Germans unloaded it. Each plane would be met by an operations officer who would hand the pilot his return clearance all filled out, and a weather officer would give him the latest weather back at his home base. Mobile snack bars tended by some of the most beautiful girls in Berlin would move to the side of each plane. Turn-around time was cut in half to 30 minutes.”  
           General Curtis E. LeMay, Commander of the USAF in Europe probably responding to President Truman’s query whether the Berlin Airlift Would Work: “Sir, the Air Force can deliver anything.”
               East Berlin Communist Press Misguided Comments on the Berlin Airlift: “...futile attempts of the Americans to save face and to maintain their untenable position in Berlin.

© June 26, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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